Pre-Test lessons

Have you completed your 12 EDT lessons? waiting for your Driving test or have your driving test coming up? Our Pre-Test lessons will give you the edge to help you pass your driving test.

our ADI tutors will take you out and put you through test like procedures, to give you the Experience and confidence for your RSA Driving test.

What does the Pre-test cover?

  1. Explain the format of the test
  2. Assess your driving for knowledge gaps and bad driving habits
  3. Manoeuvre lessons – e.g. reversing around corners
  4. Multiple driving test routes / Expansive test area
  5. Practical & Theory questions / Rules of the road
  6. Final checks / Fine tuning

We recommend a Pre-test lessons for all students before sitting the driving test,

Pretest lessons are €40 Per hour including VAT

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